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I am a digital designer

I love solving problems, finding innovative ideas focused on the user and the business goals. I have 10 years experience in the digital media and I now offer my expertise as a freelance designer.

Branding/Art direction

As an art director I worked for advertising agencies for 10 years as a freelance or as a team with a copywriter.

As creative director I build trusting relationships with the clients and lead creative teams to find the most innovative and thoughtful digital experience.

Projects you should check out: Bottega Veneta, Alain Ducasse, Fluid Science

UX Design

Even when the job had not its name, I have always been designing for the user. I now use this knowledge combined with a design thinking approach to translate a business need to valuable products that will guarantee the success of the project.

I can rely on a network of developers and project managers to handle the production process of the product. So you can relax as everything will be under control...

Projects you should check out: Dior BC App, Vinci Construction France

Some coding skills...

I have a french bachelor's degree in computer science (DUT informatique) where I learnt Computer Architecture, C/C++, Java, SQL among others... Back in the AS3 days, I coded the websites I designed. This knowledge partly shaped my way of thinking and helped me grow through my career.

Having such coding experience helps me work with developers to find the best technological solutions for the design requirements.

Projects you should check out: my codepen account, Vinci Construction France

Most notable clients...